Outlet Baltimore


a social event for the people


Outlet Baltimore is a semi-regular gathering for New Media professionals in Baltimore and surrounding areas. The goal is to provide a mostly informal opportunity for us to convene in the real world and put faces to the names behind our blog posts, websites, Twitter feeds, and LinkedIn/Facebook profiles. It’s designed as a complement to some of the more formal and/or targeted events that Baltimore is already lucky to have, such as Ignite and Refresh.

Is this a networking event?
Yes and no. What we’re hoping to do is facilitate connections, and ideally professional networking will be one happy by-product of that. First and foremost, though, this is a social event designed to bring people together.

How often will this happen?
The plan for now is to do it every other month, but we expect to learn as we go. It will be a live and evolving thing.

What do you mean by “New Media pros”?
Basically anyone who works in the creative and/or tech fields who uses New Media and/or Social Media. Web developers, marketers, advertising pros, writers, designers, etc.

Am I welcome even if I’m not a New Media pro?
Of course! New Media pros are the target audience, but we don’t discriminate.

What does it cost?
There is no cost to attend beyond what you pay for your drinks at the venue.

What can I expect if I come?
Good question. Hopefully, a couple of hours of fun and conversation with like-minded members of Baltimore’s creative community. We’ll see where it goes from there.

Who’s behind this?
Outlet Baltimore is organized by Neal Shaffer of Slant Six Creative and Steve Goodman of SquareFeet.

Simple: we want to get to know you better, and we want you to get to know each other better. Nothing but good can come from that.


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