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Reminder: Outlet’s Not Just Tech

On the fence about Outlet? Not sure it’s for you?

I’ve heard a lot of folks lately refer to Outlet as a “tech” event, and I’ve even seen a couple of people question whether or not they should go based on that criteria.

We certainly do love the tech community, but I wanted to point everyone back in the direction of the Official Outlet FAQ:

What do you mean by “New Media pros”?
Basically anyone who works in the creative and/or tech fields who uses New Media and/or Social Media. Web developers, marketers, advertising pros, writers, designers, etc.

Am I welcome even if I’m not a New Media pro?
Of course! New Media pros are the target audience, but we don’t discriminate.

In other words, Outlet is a big tent. So if you’re thinking about coming but wondering “Is Outlet for me?” the answer is: yes. Yes it is.


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