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Outlet #2: Twitter Love & Roll-call

Reflecting on last night’s get-together, I’m wowed by what an evolution of communication Twitter is. In organizing Outlet, we’ve probably put in no more than a single hour of time for any given event, yet each time, more people show up. One or two tweets a day for the week preceding the event is enough. I think Twitter is a fantastic medium for making real connections, so if you aren’t using it yet, sign up for an account, and see what you think.

To facilitate keeping in touch, @samtaters suggested making a list of Twitter handles of everyone who came to Outlet last night. The nametags were small, and it’s hard to remember a lot of names after a beer or ten, so I think it’s a great idea.

As such, here are the people I know who were there, off the top of my head:

Stephen Goodman – @stephen_goodman
Neal Shaffer – @slantsixneal

If you weren’t included in this list, and you came to Outlet last night, please leave a comment with your name and/or handle, so people can track you down.

Thanks again, and talk soon!


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Reminder: Outlet’s Not Just Tech

On the fence about Outlet? Not sure it’s for you?

I’ve heard a lot of folks lately refer to Outlet as a “tech” event, and I’ve even seen a couple of people question whether or not they should go based on that criteria.

We certainly do love the tech community, but I wanted to point everyone back in the direction of the Official Outlet FAQ:

What do you mean by “New Media pros”?
Basically anyone who works in the creative and/or tech fields who uses New Media and/or Social Media. Web developers, marketers, advertising pros, writers, designers, etc.

Am I welcome even if I’m not a New Media pro?
Of course! New Media pros are the target audience, but we don’t discriminate.

In other words, Outlet is a big tent. So if you’re thinking about coming but wondering “Is Outlet for me?” the answer is: yes. Yes it is.

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Outlet #2 – Tuesday, 3/24/2009

Hello, hello! Our next meet-up is going to be held at Dougherty’s in Mt. Vernon on 3/24/2008, starting at 6pm. If you haven’t made it to our previous gatherings, I’ll try to convince you to come to this one! At past Outlets, we’ve had great conversationalists from near and far, including people from:

  • First Mariner Bank
  • R2Integrated
  • US Lacrosse
  • Fastspot
  • all manner of design, media and technology companies

That list only had four companies on it! Think of how easy it would be to have your company on the top of the next list. Just come talk to me, Steve Goodman. I’d be happy to add your company, if the money is right! I kid, I kid.

So, come get the pulse of the Baltimore new media community, meet some great people and have a drink. We’re looking forward to seeing you there. If you’ve got any suggestions, drop us a line, or leave a comment.

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Have questions? Need advice? Want to help out with making Outlet happen? Email info[@]slantsixcreative.com and we'll get back to you asap.